Proposed Tower In Olney Approximately The Height Of The Luxor Hotel In Las Vegas

by MCS Staff

This image shows what the proposed tower would look like next to The Luxor hotel in Vegas (1 foot difference in height)

The Maryland SHA (State Highway Administration) has proposed the construction of a 349 foot emergency communication tower. The tower would sit on land at the northwest corner of the intersection of Georgia Avenue and the ICC in Olney and would be used for radio communication.

This tower would be approximately the same height as the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas and almost 2/3 the size of the Washington Monument in D.C. It would have strobe lights that flash 24 hours a day to warn off aircraft.

I have heard from many residents that oppose the construction of the industrial looking structure. GOCA (Greater Olney Civic Association) has also sent a letter to Senators Roger Manno and Craig Zucker opposing the construction of the tower.m, citing the negative visual impact to everyone living in the Olney area.

Below you’ll see images that shows what the tower would look like once constructed as well as the specs for the tower.

More info available on GOCA website.


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