Provide Your Input on the 2023–2024 School Calendar By November 30

by MCS Staff

MCPS is asking the community to share its input for next year’s school calendar. This quick survey seeks to gauge the community’s opinions on the calendar scenarios developed for the 2023–2024 school year. Staff will use your feedback to develop a final recommendation to be presented at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

A few of the questions include:
Which of the following are you most interested in seeing in SY 2023–2024 calendar scenarios? (Select one)
Closed for the full Thanksgiving Week
A longer Winter Break (currently Winter Breaks are 9 days, including the weekends)
More frequent, shorter breaks throughout the year
Nothing. Leave the calendar like it is.
I don’t know
The state of Maryland does not require school systems to close on the following Holidays- Columbus Day and Veterans Day. Which of the following do you wish to see the school system close for? (Select one)
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
I don’t know
If SY 2023–2024 calendar scenarios included more days off, how do you hope MCPS will handle the impact? (Select one)
Start the school year up to 3 days earlier
End the school year up to 3 days later
Preference not to have additional breaks that impact either the start or end of the school year

Let your voice be heard and share your input by Monday, Nov. 30.
Access the survey.


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