Pyramids on Display at Brookside Gardens This Summer

by MCS Staff

Montgomery Parks partners with Wheaton Arts Parade to showcase unique pyramid sculptures at Brookside Gardens this summer.Visitors can enjoy a self-guided pyramid art walk or attend a special guided tour on August 12, 2023, from 9:00 –10:00 a.m.  

WHEATON, Md. – Montgomery Parks is joining forces with the Wheaton Arts Parade to place eleven pyramid sculptures throughout Brookside Gardens. The pyramids are part of an art walk and will be on display through August 27, 2023.

Each pyramid is made of four triangular panels joined together in a three-dimensional form called a tetrahedron, or triangular pyramid. Each side displays a single work of art and together tells a story. 

The artists who created the pyramids have connections to many countries, including Spain, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. Combined, they embody the cultural diversity of the Wheaton community. “Gardens are a living art form and the perfect setting for the pyramid sculptures,” said Stephanie Oberle, director of Brookside Gardens. “The artists help us to connect with each other and the gardens through their observations of our community, including the human elements and the natural elements. And they make a great Instagram moment for our visitors.” There are two ways to view the pyramids:

Self-Guided.  Visitors can use a map available at Brookside Gardens, to find the pyramids on their own. Each pyramid has a sign with a QR code that links to a recording of the artist describing the inspiration behind their work. 

Guided tour. On Saturday, August 12, 2023, 9:00-10:00 a.m. guests can join artists and exhibit organizers on a guided walk through the pyramid display and learn more about what went into creating these striking pieces of public art. 

The pyramids were first featured at Brookside Gardens in 2021.  This year’s display is updated with five new pyramids that were commissioned by Wheaton Arts Parade, with support from the Maryland State Arts Council and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.

Featured photo courtesy of Brookside Gardens/Montgomery Parks. Pyramid artist: Kelsey Joyce


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