Ramen Vending Machine Now Serving in Rockville

by MCS Staff

Yi Fang, a Taiwanese fruit tea spot, opened its first DMV location at 777 Hungerford Drive in Rockville just over two years ago and for the last year or so many have wondered about the Ramen vending machine that located towards the front of the store that was has been “coming soon” for a while. We can now report that it is officially serving ramen.

Kenta Robotics, which created the machine, has let us know that the ramen vending machine has “soft opened” and is currently offering 20% off ramen (already included in the price listed on the machine). The machine allows you to make your selection between spicy tan tan, signature chicken tonkotsu, fresh seafood udon, and vegetarian udon. Then you make your payment and the ramen is made for you within minutes. A Yi Fang employee told us they did not know how long the 20% off promotion would last.


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