Recount Complete: Democratic Primary for Montgomery County Executive Will Be Certified on Wednesday (August 24) at 4pm

by MCS Staff

David Blair gained a total of three votes more than Marc Elrich, which means that Marc Elric’s 35 vote lead has decreased to 32. If the audit by the Montgomery County Board of elections holds, the result will be certified at 4pm on Wednesday, August 24th, and Marc Elrich will have officially won the Democratic nomination for Montgomery County Executive.

2022 Recount Info per The Montgomery County Board of Elections: 

• The Board has completed tabulating & auditing Early Voting. Mr. David Blair gained one (1) vote during the early voting recount. Board has completed tabulating & auditing Election Day through District 13.

• Mr. Blair gained four (4) votes & Mr. Elrich gained four (4) votes.  Mr. Blair & Mr. Elrich gained zero votes after Provisional ballot tabulation and auditing. Board has completed tabulating for Mail-in Ballots.

• Tentative results are Mr. Blair gained five (5) votes & Mr. Elrich gained three (3) votes after internal audit of Mail-in Ballots continued on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

• Certification is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24, 2022 (4PM), any changes will be discussed at that time.

BOARD MEETING: August 24, 2022 (4PM)
☎️ Call in: 301-715-8592
Meeting ID: 826 7214 8807
Passcode: 160428


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