Ren’s Ramen (Wheaton)

This place came highly recommended to me by many people on Twitter when I did my tour of Wheaton, but I was unable to make it due to the timing of my visit.

Today I was able to make it…and it didn’t disappoint.

I’ve had decent ramen in MoCo before, but I tend to travel to DC when I want really good ramen. Now I know I don’t have to venture out that far. This was amazing.

I got the The Sapporo style Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce flavored soup made with a pork based broth). I added pork belly, corn, a seasoned boiled egg, and butter. I’m currently in a ramen coma, sitting in my car, as I write this. It was great.

It’s a small place so there’s not a lot of room to eat for bigger crowds, but I am officially joining the folks over on Twitter as a big supporter of Ren’s Ramen.

NOTE: Ren’s Ramen is CASH ONLY and parking can be very hard to find (street parking is likely going to be necessary).

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