Requests for Injunctions Against Montgomery County Filed Over Restaurant Restrictions


Injunctions Against Montgomery County Filed Over Restaurant Restrictions

The Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) held a press conference today outside of their headquarters in Columbia, MD announcing that they have filed requests for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions against Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City, with the goal of having indoor and outdoor dining restored as soon as possible.

Among those speaking at the press conference were RAM CEO Marshall Weston Jr, Duck Duck Goose owner Ashish Alfred, and Lynn Martins from Siebel’s in Burtonsville.

Weston stated that restaurants in Maryland have been severely impacted and over 100,000 are still laid off or furloughed based on restrictions. He said 45% of restaurants said they would close permanently unless they receive a substantial relief package. He emphasized that restaurants cannot survive on carryout alone, they must able to accommodate indoor, outdoor and carryout. “Two of the three legs have been taken away from stool.”

Weston went on to say that “Governor Hogan has indicated that there is no data or evidence that he or his team has seen that warrants the closure.

Twenty other jurisdictions in Maryland have agreed with the Governor” and that there is “No evidence linking the spread of COVID to restaurants and that relying on the potential to spread is not evidence.”

They are asking for the judges to “rule in the favor of restaurants and employees”.

The full press conference can be seen here.

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  2. Good for them. Restaurants are safe if the proper guidelines are followed. Keep the tables far enough apart and make the servers wear safety gear. Maybe these politicians can explain how a patio that is enclosed by a tent on all four sides is safer than being indoors but in reality they can not. Why is it safer to go to Target, Wegman’s, or the mall than it is to eat inside? Why are the gyms and health clubs still open, where it is more likely to get the virus.

    Although not Montgomery County, I had to laugh on Monday Night during the Raven’s game when they said there was a 10pm curfew in Cleveland but the team got a waiver so fans can watch the game. And that’s the problem, the restrictions seem to constantly be changing and are arbitrary.

    MoCo should have just limited the restaurant capacity to 25% and stated you can only share a table with members of your household.

    • Eating inside allows guests to remove masks. Even with social distancing, the longer people sit indoors sans masks, the increased concentration of shared air. Outdoor tents allow for some air flow (that’s why they need heaters). At retail stores & gyms/health clubs, masks are required to stay on, reducing the risk of transmission. My understanding is restrictions are partially based on the availability of ICU beds, hospital sizes, and the rate of infections. It’s not just about the fatality of Covid itself; a surge in infections = increased hospitalization of some of those patients = less beds for non Covid patients with life threatening illness or injuries. A person may not die FROM Covid, but they can die BECAUSE of Covid.

      Also, I work in the restaurant industry. I’ve been back at work since Phase 1. June through August, people were coming out, but dining/celebrating quickly then splitting. From then on, people got comfortable, started lingering; I had to police mask usage more aggressively. Moco DID roll back to Phase 1 in October, but it didn’t stop the rate of infection sky rocketing.

      I recommend sitting in on your county council meeting; it may be a little boring to some, but it’s pretty informative.

  3. It’s the Restaurant Association of Maryland not America.

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