Restaurants’ Lawsuit Against MoCo Set for Hearing on Wednesday


Restaurants’ Lawsuit Against MoCo Set for Hearing Tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/23)

The hearing for the lawsuit brought on by the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) against Montgomery County in order to restore indoor dining capacity back to 25% indoors, will take place tomorrow (Wednesday, December 23).

On Friday, December 18th the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) held a press conference outside of their headquarters in Columbia, MD announcing that they have filed requests for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions against Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City, with the goal of having indoor and outdoor dining restored as soon as possible.

Yesterday, we polled Twitter users on this matter in a non-scientific poll. We asked:

“With local restaurants taking MoCo to court to reinstate indoor dining…

Do YOU think indoor dining should be permitted?”

As of 8:20am, with just over two hours left to go, we have approximately 1,650 votes with the following results:

35% voted “Definitely not”

32% voted “No, but I get the fight.”

14% voted “Yes, but I wouldn’t go.”

19% voted “Yes, I’d go.”

Some replies to the poll include:

“They’re lucky that the county is not taking it to the extremes like our fellow foreign allies.”

“I get the fight- restaurants are struggling and they have employees to pay. They’re not getting a ton of relief, so I get the urge. But it also seems way too early.”

“Yes, I’d continue to go but more importantly, I get the fight.”

“Indoor dining really need more than 6 feet of social distancing. I would never go and the safest option is to not permit, but I do feel for the businesses.”

“It’s shouldn’t be barred in the first place.”

“”Yes, but I wouldn’t go” folks: you are a big part of the problem. It’s not just the people who contract #COVID19 in a restaurant it’s all the people *they will now infect* that keeps the virus going. As for the “yes, I’d go” folks I’m done with you.”

We will have an update on the result of the hearing for you as soon as it is available. News of the hearing date first reported by Bethesda Beat.




4 Comments on "Restaurants’ Lawsuit Against MoCo Set for Hearing on Wednesday"

  1. I do not get the fear from other people that they might catch the virus if someone else eats there. The only way they would catch it would be to come in contact with someone who had the virus…so unless you are locked in your home and getting all deliveries you are taking risk. Personally, I do not see everyone walking around as a biological weapon.

    Do not live in fear.

  2. Memphis TN has a higher COVID-19 rate and the restrictions issued today are not as harsh as Montgomery County. Memphis restrictions reflect the reality. Our County Executive, Medical Officer and Council need to pay attention.

  3. Dolores Flannery | December 23, 2020 at 11:13 am | Reply

    Right now, I feel things need to be tightened down for safety for all. Being older (I was young &hearty once) my family are high risk so itruly think we need to try the hard route to see if it helps. Covid has become so out of control & where some may just get a moderate sickness…I don’t like seeing others cause death to those of us that could not survive it. Older lives matter too!
    So such large groups of People crammed into small inside places, are just an invitation to some people’s existence. I would not take the chance!
    Yes I do stay at home and have groceries delivered. I don’t like it either. If I go out for pleasure, it’s outside at our beaches and in our community beach here in Florida, they are good about social distancing. When I must go somewhere inside, I masked and don’t stay any longer than necessary. It’s just my idea of respect for others safety. I feel for the small business but this virus so deadly to some, requires some compassion for lives. We all want to be able to join in normal activities, but truly we need to stop being totally reckless and try to stop the spread!

  4. Restaurants are not crammed at 25 percent capacity. Our neighbors to the North (Frederick) are allowed indoor dining at 50 percent. If you don’t want to go do an indoor dining facility then simply stay home but don’t penalize these innocent restaurant owners and employees for just wanting to make ends meet.

    Show me that data that restaurants at 25 percent capacity are any more harmful than a trip to Giant or Walmart. You wont find no such data!!!

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