Rio Proposing New Sign Closer to I-270 in Gaithersburg

by MCS Staff

Rio Lakefront is taking its proposal for a new sign package and design to the City of Gaithersburg’s Planning Commission tonight. Peterson Cos. is asking for language that does not allow for the sign to be within 10 feet of I-270 to be removed to allow the sign to be more visible.

Per the letter from Peterson Cos. to the City of Gaithersburg:

“The proposed placement was determined by reviewing from north and southbound I-270 a sign mockup in various locations that took into account both the significant number of trees along I-270 and the on-ramp to it from Sam Eig Hwy. Furthermore, the placement also works with the existing WSSC easement and the water lines located within it.

The proposed location threads the needle by allowing the sign to have useful north and southbound visibility while minimizing the impact on existing vegetation or running afoul of the WSSC easement. Peterson is seeking WSSC approval for the placement of the sign concurrently with this request for approval. Peterson understands that if the city does approve the sign that it will be a conditional approval awaiting the WSSC approval.

Lastly, we are also asking for the approval to remove the language in the previously approved CSP that stated the sign must be 10 feet setback from I-270. We are asking this for two equally important reasons. The first reason being that it is not part of the city’s sign ordinance and the second being that we must encroach into this area in order to be safely away from the WSSC 48” water line. The proposed sign location will be 6’-2” from the I-270 property line.


The planned sign will help RIO retain its competitive edge and continue contributing positively to Gaithersburg as successful shopping, dining, and entertainment destination; its design reflects the project’s new logo and color palette and helps tell the story of the multi-million dollar reinvestment in the project that we have made in recent years; and its placement reflects careful work to create appropriate visibility while respecting both existing vegetation and a WSSC easement.

Thank you to each member of the Planning Commission for taking time to review this consent agenda item. We hope that this information is helpful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any follow-up questions.”

Renderings of the proposed sign can be seen below:


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Richard February 3, 2022 - 10:21 pm

Let’s keep it the way it is.


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