Rockville Biotechnology Company Coming Close to “Functional Cure” For HIV


Rockville Biotechnology Company Coming Close For “Functional Cure” to HIV

Rockville-based American Gene Technologies has infused an HIV positive patient with genetically modified “super T cells” that they hope will fight off off the disease as well as prevent it from returning.

According to the Baltimore Sun, “American Gene Technologies’ method involves taking T cells out of a person’s blood and genetically modifying them in the lab to resist infection before they are reinfused.
The company’s researchers worked with federal infectious disease researchers to cooperatively assess the method before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration allowed the first human study to start.”

“The only difference between a normal HIV T-cell and the ones we’re putting back in, is that we have made tiny, little modifications that make them impermeable to HIV,” said AGT CEO Jeff Galvin

See the video from AGT below.


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