Rockville Man Nearly Throws Away $50,000-Winning Powerball Ticket Won at Sunoco

by Patrick Herron

A Rockville man almost threw away the $50,000 winning ticket he purchased for the October 30 Powerball drawing at the Sunoco at 1469 Rockville Pike. Full story below courtesy of the the Maryland Lottery:
”Scanning multiple Lottery tickets at a retailer can be a monotonous experience, if you have a lot of non-winning games, but that all changes when you win.

A Rockville man nearly missed his $50,000-winning Powerball ticket while scanning game after game after game. He has played Lottery games since he moved to America from Greece over 42 years ago, the winner told Lottery officials. The 67-year-old said that when he gets gas for his vehicle each week, he goes inside Congressional Sunoco at 1469 Rockville Pike in Rockville to purchase around $40 worth of Powerball tickets. While there, he checks his previous week’s tickets.The Montgomery County resident was scanning a pile of tickets, all non-winners, and was neglectful as he came across his $10 Oct. 31 quick-pick ticket. At first, he was ready to throw out the winning ticket with the rest of the non-winners, but then he thought he saw “$50,000” appear on the ticket scanner. The loyal player rescanned that ticket and saw it was indeed a winner.

“I have never won more than $4 before so I thought the machine was not working. I am glad that I didn’t throw it in the trash,” he said, laughing.

The business owner said he remained calm about the win. He plans to use the money to pay off bills and will put some of the windfall back into his business.”


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lilk December 7, 2022 - 8:02 am

For 42 years he has been spending $40 a week on lottery tickets and finally won $10,000.
He has by far spent more than the $10,000 he finally won after 42 years.
I hope he has been keeping his loosing tickets and writing them off as losses on his taes.


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