Rockville Metro Station West Side Closure – Temporary Bus Stop Relocations – Effective May 31 to June 6

by MCS Staff

Due to construction and paving work at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Rockville Metrorail station, bus stops on the West Side Kiss & Ride will be closed and temporarily relocated, from May 31 to June 6.

All bus stops normally on the west side will be temporarily relocated to either the east side, on the street at MD 355, or one block over on Monroe Street in front of the Montgomery County Executive Office Building. Wayfinding signs will be placed at the Metro station to help riders locate their bus stops. Additionally, Ride On staff will be onsite at the station, for rider assistance.

Ride On Routes which will be Temporarily Relocated are:

Route                       Destination           Temporary Bus Stop

Route 44                    Twinbrook                                    T1

Route 45                    Rockville Regional Transit           D (eastside)
Center & Twinbrook

Route 46                     Montgomery College                   T1
& Medical Center

Route 47                     Bethesda                                     T1

Route 48                     Wheaton                                      B (eastside)

Route 49                     Glenmont                                     B (eastside)

Route 52                     Montgomery General Hospital     D (eastside)

Route 54                      Lakeforest Transit Center           T2

Route 55                      Germantown                                C (eastside)

Route 56                      Lakeforest Transit Center           T2

Route 59                      Montgomery Village                      C (eastside)

Route 63                      Shady Grove                                T1

Route 81                       White Flint                                   T1

Route 101                     Medical Center                           T3

Route 101                     Lakeforest                                   G

Route 301                     Tobytown                                     D (eastside)

Flex Rockville               On Demand Service                   T1

Metrobus Routes which will be Temporarily Relocated are:

Q1, Q2, Q5, Q6            Shady Grove                              G

Q1, Q2, Q4                   Silver Spring                               A (eastside)

Q5, Q6                          Wheaton                                     A (eastside)

T2                                  Friendship Heights                     A (eastside)

All passengers are encouraged to wear face coverings when traveling by public transportation. All MCDOT buses have a supply of face coverings for those who cannot provide their own.

Ride On bus service remains free for all riders until at least July 2.


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