Rockville Police Issue Statement on the Death of Tyre Nichols

by MCS Staff

Full statement: “It is another sad day for the country and the law enforcement community. We have no doubt taken many steps backwards this evening. The actions of the Memphis police officers against Mr. Tyre Nichols is appalling and inexcusable.

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have worked tirelessly to better themselves and their reputations in their respective communities and cities, particularly since the death of George Floyd in 2020. These incidents are troubling and disgraceful, not only to the public and those who put their trust in this profession, but to every police officer who has taken the oath to protect and serve to heart. We cannot just say we will do better; we all must do better.

We extend our thoughts and sympathies to the Nichols family and friends. We also are thinking of our law enforcement partners in Memphis; we know that the bad actions of a few are not indicative of all. While this incident did not happen locally, I would like to reiterate to our Rockville community that the men and women of the Rockville City Police Department do not condone this type of behavior or actions.

Our police officers take pride in working in partnership with our community members. The four foundations of RCPD are RESPECT, COMMUNITY, PRIDE, and DIGNITY. We remain committed to you Rockville, and to treating everyone fairly, with dignity and respect and we will accept nothing less.

Chief Victor V. Brito”


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