Rockville Volunteers Dedicate New Fire Engine

by Cordell Pugh

Saturday morning, the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department celebrated the housing of their new fire engine, known as Engine 703, and dedicated it in memory of their Past Fire Chief, Scott Eric Emmons.

Past Fire Chief Scott Eric Emmons, who died in 2021, volunteered with the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department for more than 30 years, in every operational rank from Firefighter to Fire Chief. Chief Emmons also was a DC Metropolitan Police Detective, where he served on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Chief Emmons’ daughter is now a Rockville Volunteer Firefighter as well.

The new Engine 703 cost over $850,000 with equipment adding another $100,000 according to newly-elected Rockville Volunteer Fire Chief Craig Lazar. Unlike many other Montgomery County fire engines, the new Engine 703 is owned by the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department. Engine 703, capable of pumping 2,000 Gallons (of water) Per Minute, was built by Seagrave Fire Apparatus in Wisconsin.

At the conclusion of the Dedication, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department First Deputy Chief Christopher Hinde officially  placed the new Engine 703 ‘in quarters’, making it available to respond to emergencies. Just moments later, it was dispatched on its first call.

The Rockville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1921, and has provided vital firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical services to Rockville and Montgomery County for over 100 years. According to the RVFD, “Donations to RVFD are used for volunteer support and operations, purchase of apparatus, such as the [Engine discussed in this article], community fire safety events and activities and towards construction of a new fire station.” Donations can be made online or mailed to the RVFD. Additionally, the RVFD recently announced plans for the launch of an online store, providing another way for supporters to contribute and demonstrate their support.

In 2022, units from Rockville Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, where this new Engine is housed, responded to 13,555 calls, according to MCFRS. This made Rockville’s Station 3 the third busiest station in all of Montgomery County.


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