Rumi Life Coming to Wheaton Mall

by Patrick Herron

Rumi Life is coming to Westfield Wheaton Mall. The name, Rumi, is intended to reflect the store’s goal to make your living space feel “roomy.” The store sells a variety of fashion accessories, home décor, stationary, and toys.   There are Rumi locations in Hanover and Townson, MD, as well as Florida, New Jersey, and New York.  No opening date for the Wheaton location has been announced.

According to their website, “Rumi is a team of visionaries, go-doers and initiators who wish to better the present for an improved future. We physically personify the concept of affordability and efficiency in all of our products. At Rumi, we preach a lifestyle filled with minimal, aesthetic, and well-designed products so our shoppers can enjoy life to the fullest. Rumi works with over a hundred multicultural and innovative designers from over twenty countries across the globe such as Germany, France, Korea, Japan and China to supply quality and cost-effective products. In addition, we work alongside our company’s personal manufacturers and designers to self-create our own products in accordance to current trends and demands.”



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