Seneca Valley Dad Shares His Experience as a “Dad on Duty” at the High School

by MCS Staff

Last week Seneca Valley principal Marc Cohen put out a message to the community calling on local dads to help provide support and provide positive energy during lunch time and after school.

At least one local dad took him up on his offer, as the Seneca Valley PTSA shared Ali Hashemzadeh’s account of his time at Seneca Valley.

“I had an opportunity today to spend some time at Seneca Valley during the lunch period. Was it busy? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. But more importantly it was also a great opportunity to embarrass my daughter for which I live for. But it did offer me a different viewpoint as an SV parent. As we often become numb to the parent process at times. I’m guilty of that myself. The drop off, pick up, and then repeat process. But todays visit was good: It was great to be on the “inside” if you will. I saw SV staff actively engaged, students enjoying their time with friends, and of course students having lunch and being the young people that they are. I got to walk around a bit and bother a few as well. Enjoyed my time I truly did. Definitely won’t be my last visit.

The point of my post here is that I urge all those who can take part in the “Dads on Duty” program to do so. I applaud SV for making this positive experience possible for us dads. It provides me with yet another opportunity to connect and stay involved in my daughters life and day. As much as she will allow at least!

Have an amazing remainder of the week everyone!”



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