Seventy MCPS Educators Achieve National Board Certification in 2022

by MCS Staff

A total of 70 MCPS educators achieved National Board Certification in 2022. Another 90 successfully maintained their certifications.National Board Certification is achieved through an assessment process designed to measure what accomplished educators should know and be able to do. The process requires educators to demonstrate how their activities, both inside and outside the classroom, strengthen student performance and contribute to student achievement.

In order to become a National Board Certified teacher, candidates voluntarily complete a rigorous program that consists of four components: assessment of content knowledge, reflection on student work samples, video and analysis of teaching practice, and documentation of the impact of assessment and collaboration on student learning. These components were designed by teachers for teachers, to identify the essential knowledge and skills required to advance student learning and achievement. This is a commitment of time and energy; teachers who achieve certification describe the process as transformative.

MCPS uses the rigorous standards established by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) as part of the Professional Growth System for all teachers in the school system. The certification process is open to anyone with two years of full-time classroom teaching experience. Certificates issued by NBPTS are valid for five years after which a teacher may seek maintenance of certificate to renew the National Board Certification for an additional five years.Interested in learning more about National Board Certification? Please visit the National Board Certification website. List of NBCTs, 2022


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