Update on Sewage Overflow in Bethesda

by Patrick Herron

According to a WSSC spokesperson, the overflow from the collapsed sewer pipe near 9240 Vendome Drive in Bethesda that began Friday was stopped at 11:10 am on Saturday.

The total volume of the overflow is estimated to be in excess of 10,000 gallons. They are still investigating the cause, and vandalism is a possibility.

“We found a lot of rocks inside a manhole, which possibly caused the blockage. We have seen this in the past. Vandals remove a manhole cover and throw rocks inside”, according to WSSC.

There we’re also a tremendous amount of wipes at the overflow site. WSSC is stressing for residents to “Keep the Wipes Out of the Pipes” and to only flush the three Ps… pee, poop and paper (toilet paper). Wipes don’t break up like toilet paper and can cause blockages, leading to an overflow.


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