Should Lap Swimming Be Allowed While Pools are Closed?

Should lap swimming be allowed while pools are closed?

Kelly Elliot of Clarksburg started a petition to open outdoor Maryland pools for lap swimming. In just a week, the petition has been signed by over 3,000 people.

In the petition, Ms. Elliott acknowledges that pools will be closed to recreational swimming, but argues that the immune boosting exercise is safer than other activities that are allowed, such as outdoor workouts.
She cites the CDC website in saying “There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas or water play areas.”
What do you say MoCo, yes or no to opening outdoor pools to lap swimming?

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  1. SO I have said it many times already but here goes. The swim community rises and swims and is home before most people hear their first alarm for work/school . They work/ go to school and then swim again for 2/3 hours. Then go home to do homework and such. This is a disciplined group. So if you are going to wonder if this group is willing or able to swim with the new protocols in place. I think a group like this is capable of such rules. Thats who they are they are disciplined. The people surrounding these competitive swimmers are usually also swimmers. Masters swimmers, Coaches, retired swimmers and swimmers that use the pool for exercise , health and mental wellness . This is a group that can get back in the water with the new protocols . They have goals , they have drive and they have the will to do it. …So yes my answer is yes . 🙂

  2. Yes!!! It is absolutely safe, not to mention other states have already began allowing competitive swimmers to return to pools in a safe manner (New CDC guidelines).

  3. Kids are invariably asymptomatic carriers. They NEED to get out and build up their immunities. The trouble is, the grandparents and any at-risk family might get caught up. We can’t live in fear – let’s open!

  4. I think that as long as the changing rooms (where distancing may be hard to maintain in close quarters, and where cleaning people would be required to put themselves at some risk by being there) remain closed, opening the outdoor pools is a great idea.

  5. Why not, doesn’t chlorine zap it?

  6. If it’s safe…then open. Does chlorine kill the virus? Can you catch the virus by being in a pool with someone who has it? If it’s safe, go ahead and open the pools.

    Open everything that is safe. The County should have to justify why things are closed instead of the people being forced to justify why things should be open.

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