Signage up at Cinco de Mayo (Kentlands)

by MCS Staff

Signage is up at Cinco De Mayo in the Kentlands.

Cinco De Mayo is a smaller, local chain with locations in Westminster, Columbia, Middletown, and Urbana in Maryland. They also have a West Virginia location in Martinsburg.

Even though signage is up, Cinco De Mayo told us the restaurant won’t be opening for “two to three months,” so the wait will last just a little bit longer.

Per their website:

”At Cinco de Mayo, tradition is part of everything that we do. From the decor of our four restaurants to the preparation of every dish, we use the traditions our parents set out for us as children. Whether we are cooking at home for our family and friends or in the restaurants for our customers we have a passion for traditional, home-cooked Mexican cuisine.”


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