Signage up, Tentative Opening Date Set at New Gentleman Jim’s Location

Signage up at New Gentleman Jim’s Location

Gentleman Jim’s, one of the pioneers of Maryland Style Pizza, is moving for the first time since 1990.

The move will only be 1.3 miles away from the current location on Earhart Court to the former location of The Grille at Flower Hill in the Flower Hill shopping center in Gaithersburg.


The restaurant got started in Twinbrook off of Veirs Mill back in 1971, by the gentleman himself – Jim Hance. In its previous incarnation it was known as the Cavalier restaurant, when it was located in Washington D.C.


They made the move to the current Gaithersburg location (18917 Earhart Ct.) and even brought a lot of the original pans, that are still used today, from the Twinbrook restaurant.


Gentleman Jim’s has remained in the family throughout the years and is currently run by Joe Hance, a 2003 Gaithersburg High School graduate.


The restaurant is known for its pizza, which is different from most because they use Swiss cheese. Some people love the Swiss and some don’t, but if you don’t, you’re in luck…you can substitute mozzarella or provolone.


They will remain open at the current location until the new location opens. The tentative opening date is Monday, February 1st.


Photo courtesy of Gentleman Jim’s.

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  1. With the emphasis on rectangular pizza, why not go Full St. Louis and get Provel cheese? It comes in a loaf to make covering rectangular pies easier.

  2. My favorite pizza. I now live in Sarasota, Florida. I crave Gentleman Jim’s pizza. I would gladly pay to have this pizza mailed to me in Florida. Is it possible?

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