Significant Winter Storm Possible This Week (Sunday Afternoon Update)

by MCS Staff

Significant Winter Storm Possible This Week (Sunday Afternoon Update)


As we approach the three day mark, it still looks like a significant winter storm is headed our way on Wednesday.


“I’ll believe it when I see it” is a common response for anyone who has experienced winter in our area, as things can change quickly and hopes are often dashed as the potential moves closer.


Let’s talk about tomorrow first (Monday). This storm will likely be rain for most of MoCo with the possibility of upper Montgomery County seeing some flakes and possible even a slushy inch. Don’t count on too much winter weather from this one.


Wednesday’s storm is the one we are keeping a close eye on and here’s where we stand right now:


The GFS (American model) has been hanging on to the idea of a major winter storm for our area for several runs now. Giving MoCo between 4 inches closer to DC and 9+ Inches for Upper MoCo.


The Canadian model, which always tends to show more snow than we end up getting has backed off the higher snow totals (like a 4”-6” situation).


The UKMET has also backed off the major snow storm and is showing a wide range in MoCo from 1” closer to DC to almost 6” in Upper MoCo


The Euro, the model most feel is the most reliable at this range, has just come in and is showing big time snow for MoCo with areas near DC getting around 8 inches and upper MoCo getting over a foot.


There are still a lot of moving parts to this so we’ll see which way we go in the coming runs. I would expect the major networks to start releasing their early forecasted snow totals tomorrow.


For now, I’d stay away from the weather apps because I feel like they throw out projected totals way too early.


We’ll continue to monitor and post updates as frequently as possible.


Featured photo courtesy of the National Weather Service

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