Silver Branch Brewing Company Launches New Year-Round IPA (sponsored) 

by Patrick Herron

SILVER SPRING, MD (February 24th , 2022) – Silver Branch Brewing Company is set to release Dr.

Juicy on their third anniversary, Mar 3, 2022. The brewing team at Silver Branch designed, brewed, and packaged two different IPA recipes in a mixed six-pack after extensive IPA research that has been ongoing for the last year. These trial versions of Dr. Juicy, simply labeled as A and Z, were brewed with minor variations in formulation and packaged together to invite comparison between the recipes amongst beer fans. Beer fans were invited to weigh in on their favorite trial version of Dr. Juicy and provide feedback not only on the quality of the beer but also the cans associated with the label design and the overall appearance. This was a comprehensive undertaking by the entire Silver Branch team to create an excellent brand for fans of IPA all over the DMV. The final formulation of Dr. Juicy comes on the heels of this feedback and the continued research that has been ongoing at Silver Branch.

“We received hundreds of thoughtful and well-articulated responses that helped us dial in a recipe that we believe is going to make a lot of IPA lovers really happy. We really enjoyed hearing what people had to say, and we received a lot of great compliments on our new IPA.” says Erin Young, Marketing Manager at Silver Branch

Silver Branch Head Brewer Chris Broome adds “We took our favorite aspects from Trial A and Trial Z and formulated to them to represent the best of both offerings. We used a hop profile like what was represented in Trial Z and a malt profile very similar to what we used in Trial A. We also added Mosaic Spectrum hop extract to the dry hopping process to help bump up the juiciness, it is called Dr. Juicy after all.”

The year-round release of Dr. Juicy will coincide with the retirement of Quantum Shift IPA, a staple that has been part of the Silver Branch legacy since their opening on March 3rd, 2019. Quantum Shift was frequently released in volumes and provided a great deal of insight in IPA recipe formulation for Silver Branch brewing team over the years. Much of the foundational research that has led the Silver Branch team to creating Dr. Juicy was a direct result of the many iterations of Quantum Shift that were created.

“A rotating IPA was great when we were a young brewery and it’s a brand that I hold close to my heart because we conceived it long before Silver Branch even brewed its first batch of beer. It was one of the first ideas we had before opening our business. Given our explosive wholesale growth over the last two years, we need a more consistent offering for IPA lovers to keep coming back to.” says Co-Founder and CEO Christian Layke

The March 1st release of Dr. Juicy is just one of the events for the brewery’s anniversary celebration, which will run at the Silver Spring taproom and biergarten from March 1-5.

  • Tuesday, 3/1 Dr. Juicy IPA release – $5 beer, $5 wine, $5 cocktails, $5 tacos!
  • Wednesday, 3/2 Elemental Trivia at 6:30, featuring special Silver Branch History round
  • Thursday, 3/3 Official Anniversary
  • Friday 3/4 “Lager Than Life” bash featuring gravity lager casks and live music from Hays Dowdy from 5-8PM
  • Saturday 3/5 3rd Anniversary bash with a toast from Co-Founders Brett Robison and Christian Layke, bratwurst from the grill, and live music from Miss Moon Rising from 6-9PM

About Silver Branch Brewing Company

Silver Branch celebrates the four major brewing cultures: Belgium, British Isles, Central Europe, and the Americas. The balanced, drinkable beer styles from these cultures form the core of their lineup, but they also brew more adventurous offerings from each of these cultures. For more information, please visit


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