Sip & Develop is Coming to Downtown Silver Spring

by MCS Staff

Sip & Develop is moving in to the old Sprint location at 8501 Fenton Street in Downtown Silver Spring.

The location will allow you to choose your activity from their selection of in-house photography, camera sign-out self photography, film development, or a combination of each, all while you bring your own beverages to enjoy.

You can host your own private event or reserve their dark room for your own personal use as well.

Some of the Sip & Develop offerings include:

Classes – a fun way to learn about developing film with strangers in a fun-filled social atmosphere

Parties – schedule a private party with us today and enjoy developing film with everyone you choose to invite.

Darkroom – enjoy some time to yourself in the darkroom and gain confidence in developing film all on your own

Picture taking – gain the knowledge you’ve always wanted when it comes to taking pictures and utilize our professional services for all your picture taking fun

Retail sales – Capture your experience with merchandise in a fun way.

Per the Sip & Develop website:

Our “Bring Your Own” self serve option is available for customers that desire a variety of beverages for different times of the day.  Come experience the first Sip & Develop opened in the United States.

Sip & Develop prides itself on being the only company in the United States that combines a “Bring Your Own” self serve beverage option & social environment with easy to understand film developing instructions.  NO film developing experience is required! We’ll entertain you and your friends, co-workers, or family as we show you step-by-step how to develop film!


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lilk January 2, 2022 - 8:45 am

This is a good idea but this is a bad time to launch. Best way to reduce covid19 spread is to be APART. This business is a social business. I would wait to launch it. For example, the offices in SS that would potentially rent this location for team building events are all working from home until at least mid 2022.


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