Sleet Wins Out, Ice Becomes Biggest Threat

by MCS Staff

Sleet Wins Out

Though the possibility of sleet mixing in a lot earlier than anticipated was mentioned, I don’t think many expected it to take over as early as it did (MoCoSnow included).

With that said, everyone who was disappointed with forecasts this winter will likely remain disappointed with the outcome of this one as ice becomes the biggest threat.

Below you’ll see almost every outlet mentioning the surprising early switch to sleet.

The wintry mix should fall throughout the morning before moving out in the early afternoon. We could continue to see some freezing drizzle and possibly burst of heavier action in the evening or at night, but the bulk of it will come this morning.

We don’t advise traveling this morning or early afternoon. Things should improve for the evening commute, but conditions will still not be perfect.

The image below, courtesy of FOX 5, shows that MoCo could see a tenth to a quarter inch of ice.

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