Snow Plow Obstacle Course, The “Snow Road-Eo”, Took Place in Gaithersburg on Thursday

by MCS Staff

The team-building event is geared towards snow removal preparedness for the upcoming winter weather season. The “Snow Road-eo” returned to the Activity Center at Bohrer Park on Thursday, October 20, 2022. The team-building event is geared towards snow removal preparedness for the upcoming winter weather season.

Seven teams, each consisting of a snow plow driver & a navigator, competed in a timed obstacle course where they negotiated their way through eight stations along a plotted route. The course especially challenges the participants to operate large machinery in very tight spaces, something they encounter regularly when plowing courts & newer developments with on-street parking. Crew members completed pre-trip plow truck inspections and a written exam prior to the obstacle course event.

Winners & participants were recognized during an awards ceremony following the competition. Mark Smith & Andrew Rosencrantz came in first place, followed by Greg Horton & David Outman in second, and Chris Mangine & Istvan Kerekes in third. The Rookie of the Year and Overall Best Driver was awarded to Steve Adkins.

Gaithersburg’s Junior Mayor, Loriele Nix of Summit Hall Elementary School, made a special appearance & participated in a drive-along with a Public Works crew member.

Also on display at the event were snow plows sporting specially painted blades with original artwork as part of the Paint the Plow community outreach program, an initiative of the Gaithersburg Parks, Arts & Recreation Corporation (GPARC). The painted blades feature designs and messages bringing awareness to the overuse of salt on roads. Learn more about the City’s Road Salt Drop Off Program here.

As Public Works crews get ready to combat snow, residents are reminded to do their part as well. Read about how you can prepare for a winter storm in Gaithersburg and find snow removal information & updates on the City’s website. Also, follow us on Facebook & Twitter @GburgMD for winter weather updates, and subscribe to Alert Gaithersburg for emergency notifications.

Not sure who is responsible for plowing which streets in Gaithersburg? The Maryland Department of Transportation maintains an online map service that allows residents to enter a street address & learn which agency (state, county or local municipality) is responsible for road maintenance. Use the map locator at to see who’s responsible for what.

In addition to snow removal, Gaithersburg’s Department of Public Works maintains all City facilities, supervises construction, reviews stormwater management, sediment control & drainage projects, maintains & beautifies City streets, buildings & parks, administers the City’s bulk pick up, recycling & fleet maintenance programs, and a host of other activities. For more information, call 301-258-6370 or email

Courtesy of the City of Gaithersburg


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