Snow Potential Sunday into Early Next Week

by MCS Staff

Snow Potential Sunday into Early Next Week

You may have heard the buzz…we can confirm that there’s potential for a significant storm Sunday into early next week, but we are still far out enough for many things to change.

This is one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” situations, which is pretty much every storm if you’re familiar with out area.

Here’s how things are looking:

Both the Euro (European model) and the GFS (American model) are showing potential for a significant storm.

We’re not talking totals yet because they’ve fluctuated in a major way in the last three runs of the Euro, so throwing any number out right now wouldn’t be a good idea, but we can reiterate that the potential for a significant storm is there.

If this occurs a Sunday start is likely, but then a lot depends on what it becomes…

Will it be a coastal storm that brings snow through Monday and into Tuesday? That would obviously lead to much higher totals.

Could it be another swing and a miss that barely brings snow to our area? That’s also on the table.

It could also be a moderate event that brings a few inches to our area and makes things difficult for us for a few hours.

We’ve seen places sharing snow totals from one run of one model, but you have to remember just that…it’s only one run from one model.

Our featured photo from the National Weather Service shows that currently have a high level of confidence for an enhanced winter storm threat.

Things will start to look a little clearer as we reach the start of the weekend and we’ll keep you updated!


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