“Big Little Problems” Rose Krasnow Encourages Focus On Quality Of Life Issues

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​”Big Little Problems
Rose Krasnow Encourages Focus on Quality of Life Issues

June 19, 2018

Sure, there are the big, multimillion-dollar political issues: Build more schools. Expand Ride-On. Fund universal pre-K. Improve roads. Support public safety. Create affordable housing. Provide free community college tuition.

On the campaign trail, the lists are long and the promises sincere. We all want bigger, better, newer. Clearly our wish list outpaces our resources – even with Montgomery’s $5.6 billion budget – but that’s the fuel that fires political debates.

We must also address the quality of life issues, the daily annoyances that make taxpayers question what they are getting for their money. I know we need to focus on the big-ticket issues, but are we overlooking the more in-your-face, obvious issues?

I believe Montgomery County must pay more attention to the quality of life issues that matter to each and every one of us: Pothole repair. Graffiti removal. Poorly timed traffic lights. Overgrown, weedy medians. Broken recycling containers. Unplowed winter streets. Attention to these concerns make a county a community – unless they go ignored. It’s been said that if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. I believe we have the capacity to do both. That’s what I think we owe to every resident, to every taxpayer.

I’m running for County Executive to bring my experience, creativity and careful financial management to all of Montgomery County. I did that for Rockville residents, and I will do that for the entire community as County Executive.

I hope you will cast your vote for me on June 26.

Thank you.
Rose Krasnow

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