Dr. Stephen Sugg For MoCo Board Of Education

Dr. Stephen Sugg will bring Fresh Ideas to our schools. His plan:

· Empower educators and local voices—Stephen will bring decisions back to those closest to the kids and to the community. Great schools are built from the ground up.

· Healthier & safer kids—Stephen will return physical education and play to our children. Stephen joins pediatricians, neuroscientists and parents in noting that activity makes kids learning-ready & resilient.

· Robust support for arts, humanities, and civics– Stephen is a national voice for celebrating and funding these programs. Stephen will bring back a well-rounded education.

· Act as a watchdog for taxpayers and an advocate for our kids–Stephen is an expert in budgets and public financing—something taxpayers need as the Board oversees a $2.6 billion operating budget that serves 161,000 students.



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