Ssong’s Hotdogs is Coming to MoCo (Montgomery Mall)

by MCS Staff

Ssong’s Hotdogs, a popular South Korean chain, is opening its second U.S. location in the Montgomery Mall food court this November, per their website.

Ssong’s Hotdog is named after Ms. Ssong, who opened a restaurant that specializes in hotdogs and corndogs and “takes them to the next new level.”
They come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors and use regular, premium, and spicy sausages with a long list of other food items like mozzarella cheese, potato mozzarella sticks, crab sticks, rice cake sausages, and more.
You could enjoy sugar, ketchup,  mustard, spicy sauces, parmesan cheese, and many other sauces to highlight eye-opening and addictive tastea in these hand-made and freshly fried hotdogs and corn dogs.
Sausages are coated on-site with freshly made batter mixes and deep-fried right in front of you.
The first U.S. location is in nearby Columbia.
More info can be found at
Photos courtesy of Ssong’s Hotdogs

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