Statement from County Executive Marc Elrich on Deadly School Shooting in Uvalde, TX

by Patrick Herron

As a parent and former elementary school teacher, I understand that this is a parent’s worst nightmare. It has been nearly a decade since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and it is unfortunate that we are going through this sort of pain once again, but this might have been avoided if we had taken action back then. Every time a tragedy like this happens there is outrage and calls for change, to curb the proliferation of guns. However, that outrage did not result in real action, so now, here we are again.

Incidents like this anywhere undermine people’s sense of security everywhere. We know in the wake of this event, Montgomery County school parents, like all parents around this nation, are going to be concerned for their own child’s safety and welfare. Please know that our police and school system will be working together to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our school community.

We are heartbroken for this community’s loss. I hope that the sadness, anger, and frustration from today’s tragedy will bring action and legislation at the national level– thoughts and prayers are not enough.

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