Statement from County Executive Marc Elrich Regarding Antisemitic Incidents in the County Over the Weekend

by Patrick Herron

Per Montgomery County: “Over the weekend we learned about new antisemitic incidents of hate and intolerance in our County. The first took place at three MCPS schools and the other in a neighborhood in Kensington. For several months, we’ve seen and responded to hate speech being spread across our community in the form of graffiti and flyers dropped off in neighborhoods in a cowardly manner while many of us sleep. Last night flyers were left in the Kensington area targeting several Jewish families. Police are investigating the incident and, as with each incident before, we intend to prosecute any hate crime to the fullest extent of the law. If you have information that could help the investigation you’re encouraged to contact 240.773.TIPS (8477.)

On Saturday, we learned about 3 separate incidents in which swastikas were drawn into desks last week in Montgomery County Public Schools. MCPS leaders tell us the incidents were reported, the people responsible identified and punishment administered.

I am glad these school incidents were quickly resolved, but the quick resolution does not heal the pain that these schools are dealing with. These attacks are meant to instill fear to weaken and divide our communities, but these are generating more support for our Jewish neighbors. We are united and are showing those who are pedaling hate that these antisemitic attempts at community disruption won’t be tolerated.

Montgomery County is home to one of the most diverse areas in the nation. We are proud of that diversity and antisemitic activities do not reflect our community values. It’s not the Montgomery way.”




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