Taco Bar Is Coming To Olney!

by MCS Staff

Image courtesy of the Taco Bar Frederick Facebook page


A post on Next Door, a popular community app, led to the rumors of Taco Bar taking over the old Jerry’s location in Olney (18100 Georgia Ave.).

After speaking with a few employees the last two days, I was able to confirm that Taco Bar is planning to open in Olney this October.

Taco Bar currently has locations on Russell Ave in Gaithersburg, and in Frederick. Taco Bar Washingtonian (in Rio) is not related to the restaurant. They released the following statement today:

To all our Moco people. We wanted to take this chance to clarify the confusion around the other Taco Bar businesses opening in the area. We were once associated many many years ago hence why we have the same name. We operate completely on our own and have nothing to do with other locations. We are family owned and are not looking to franchise. We love being community based and local! So, sorry again for the confusion that will probably keep occurring. If you are looking for tacos in a gas station, there’s only one place. Thank you Moco for all your support! GST for Life (gas station tacos)
Taco Bar Washingtonian


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