TaKorean to Take Over Recently Closed Nalley Fresh Location in Kentlands

by MCS Staff

TaKorean will be opening its first location outside of D.C. in Gaithersburg’s Kentlands neighborhood, taking over the recently-closed Nalley Fresh location at 261 Kentlands Blvd. The restaurant offers Korean style tacos and bowls. No opening timeframe is available, as Nalley Fresh still needs to be cleaned out in order for TaKorean construction to begin.

The line-style restaurant was operating five locations at once, a few years back, but now there are just two TaKorean locations open in Washington, D.C. According to RestaurantDive, TaKorean is currently looking to open one restaurant at a time with future franchisees, and wants to ensure success at its initial franchise locations to create a strong base for a burgeoning franchise program. The company is open to multi-unit deals, but isn’t seeking them out. TaKorean is currently casting a wide net for potential markets, and once it sees brand recognition and franchisee interest in a particular market, it expects to build up that area, Lenard said. TaKorean is flexible on potential restaurant sizes, depending on a market’s real estate conditions.

Takorean founder and CEO Michael Lenard opened TaKorean in August 2010 out of a 1985 Ford step van that he converted to a food truck. A native of Washington, DC, Lenard is determined to provide healthy, well-balanced meals at a reasonable price to his fellow Washingtonians.


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