Tatte Bakery & Cafe Opening Soon in Downtown Bethesda

2/28 Update: Tatte Bakery is Scheduled to Open on Wednesday, March 3rd

Tatte Bakery & Cafe Opening Soon in Downtown Bethesda

Tatte will be located at the base of Bethesda’s newest buildings, The Wilson and The Elm. We were told by a representative that Tatte plans to open in late February.

The bakery and cafe offers Israeli and European pastries, desserts, brunch dishes, and more.  Some items on their menu include Spinach & Labne Pita, Cheese Bourekas, Halva Bomb, a variety of shakshukas, coffees, salads, and more.

Tatte (pronounced “tah-tay”, rhymes with latte) is a variation of the Yiddish word for “daddy”. In an interview from 2017, the founder said she chose this name because she wanted her restaurant to have “real food, … simple breakfasts and great brunches with family” that she had when she was growing up in Israel.

Tatte currently has two locations in DC and 16 locations in the greater Boston area, where the bakery got its start.

More information about Tatte can be found here.

Featured photo, (showing housemade Challah french toast topped with ricotta goat cheese mousse, raspberry jam, strawberries and mint) courtesy of Tatte’s instagram.

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