The Block Food Hall in Pike & Rose Resumes Selling Alcohol

by Patrick Herron

The Block Food Hall, which offers “various unique Asian eateries in an upbeat community-focused setup with a bar, sports on TV, and weekend DJs nightlife,” at 967 Rose Ave in North Bethesda has reopened its “Block Bar”. The food hall had paused the sale of alcoholic beverages back in April. A representative from The Block tells us that the new operating hours will be 12pm-10pm daily.

In addition to The Block Bar, food vendors at The Block include Gong Cha, Kyoto Matcha, Kitch Hibachi, Little Miner Taco, Paper Tiger, OMA Sushi & Oyster Bar, and 888 Cheesesteak. The Block opened in Pike & Rose in November 2019 and has an additional location in a Annandale, VA and Northwest, DC.
Featured photo courtesy of Google Maps. 


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Alex May 24, 2023 - 4:31 pm

I guess no karaoke there every week like before since it closes at 10

Joe Norm May 25, 2023 - 4:30 am

As someone who lives here, the neighborhood has been noticeably safer since they stopped serving. Their patrons constantly stirred trouble, necessitating police presence. It all culminated in a poor lady getting run over in the parking lot and in 4 shots fired a few weeks ago in a separate incident.
I’m addition, during Covid, this place had to be shut down due to flagrant disregard for patron safety. The owner here truly cares about money above anyone and everything.


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