The DMV Dictionary

Montgomery County is a very diverse area that borrows slang from surrounding areas (DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia). This dictionary will feature words that are currently (or fairly recently) used in this area. Many high school and college students from Montgomery County helped me create this list.

Please note:
Some of these words may not have originated in the DMV, but are still used by plenty in the area (primarily high school and college age individuals…but plenty of people older than that use them as well).

Some of these words may be spelled differently by different groups of people.

This may not include every slang term/word that is used in the DMV. Please feel free to comment with any words we may have missed or any definitions you think we have incorrect.

12: The Police.

Bamma: Someone who can’t dress

Bet: Agreed, definitely.

Blown: Angry, frustrated, pissed.

Bluffin: Lying, faking, making something up.

Bopper/Roller/Thot/Doink: A young lady that displays a lot of interest in romantic activity.

Brick: A large amount (usually time).

Champ: Lame, out of style. Example: Those jeans are champ.

Cop: To purchase or attain.

Deadass: I’m completely serious.

Fry/Cook/Bake/Flame/Jone: To make fun of or to get the better of another person in different situations.

Geekin: Laughing, joking uncontrollably.

Glassed: Punched.

Going Smack: To attempt to talk to a person in a way that could possibly lead to a romantic involvement.

Go on: To make fun of.

Guh: Frustrated or upset with something.

Hip: To already know something.

Jih/Jah like: Kind of or really. Example: I’m jih like mad.

Jont: Refers to a person, place, or thing.

Kill: Damn (usually negative, but can be positive).

Kirk: Lose control, get angry, go off.

Lackin/Loafin: You’re not paying attention/you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to danger.

Link: ​An uncool person.

Lunchin: Acting as if you are of the foolish nature.

Moe, Fool, Slim, Bob, Cuz, Young: Terms used to when referring to another person.

On mothers/movahs: To swear upon your mothers name.

On Who? Who would you like to swear to in order to prove you are not falsifying your statement?

Ops: People that tend to inform others of your illegal/immoral activities.

Real live: Honestly.

Salty: Annoyed, mad, or upset with something.

Savage: Amazing or unbelievable behavior (sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes shocking).

Sice: To exaggerate or to hype.

Sick: Upset about something.

Spark: To smoke certain plants OR to make fun of someone (two very different meanings).

Say less: Understood. Additional conversation is no longer necessary.

Stamp: I swear, I promise.

Tee/Crack/Pop off: To start swinging your hands in a violent motion towards another human being.

Thought it was: You were wrong. You were deceived. 

Tuff: Looking nice/cool. Example: The new Kobe’s are tuff.

Youhearme (and other variations of it): Shouting something with confidence, or asking if someone agrees.

Wellin: Lying.

Whole T/whole time: Actually.

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  1. Jih or jhi not jah

  2. You forgot BID

  3. New word:
    Sharp – To already know something
    (same thing as hip, you can use both without being judged)

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