The Drain Guys Offers Paid Apprenticeship to Promote Plumbing Trade – Sponsored

by Patrick Herron

Have you tried to hire a plumber recently (or any other tradesperson for that matter)? You may have noticed it is increasingly difficult to find qualified plumbers and that prices have increased dramatically. You are not alone. A phenomenon in the last 20 years, fewer and fewer Americans have entered the trades for a variety of reasons. Prestige, societal pressures, and a cultural shift away from labor intensive careers have pushed young people towards different career paths. As of 2021, for every 5 master plumbers that retire only 1 fills their place. Moreover, the average age of a plumber is 55 years old. The numbers are staggering and indicate a looming crisis as plumbers and tradespeople are critical to a functioning society.

The Drain Guys, a plumbing company based in Rockville, Maryland, is working to promote the plumbing trade as a viable career path for the next generation of people entering the workforce. Their mission, besides providing affordable plumbing services to Montgomery County and its surrounding areas, is to help young people build successful lives with financial stability and a clear path to retirement in a time of increased economic uncertainty. The Drain Guys hopes to help dispel the myth that plumbing is not a respectable, lucrative career. In fact, experienced plumbers in Montgomery County often command well over $100,000 per year plus competitive benefits,

As such, The Drain Guys is offering a plumbing apprenticeship program.

The program will immerse the winning candidate into a 90 day experience where they will work closely with an expert plumber 30 hours per week. The person will be paid hourly. At the end of the program, they will be offered a full time salaried position at The Drain Guys. Everyone is encouraged to apply for the program, including people with no plumbing experience. The Drain Guys will pick a winner in February 2022.


The Drain Guys is a licensed and insured plumbing company based in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. They are able to assist with all your residential and commercial plumbing needs. Call them at  240-885-9264 or visit their website to request a quote.


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