The New And Improved Greene Growlers In Gaithersburg

Growlers has been in Old Town Gaithersburg for decades. They hit a rough patch in 2017 and were forced to close before reopening under new ownership and management in September of the same year. The turbulence continued until new General Manager Jon Thompson, a 2010 graduate of Clarksburg High School, took over at the start of 2018.

Jon can be found at Growlers from open to close almost every day the restaurant is open. He gives it his all and that’s why I wanted to work with him and Growlers to let you all know about the great things happening since he’s taken over.

1. Growlers is in the process of being able to brew their own beer again. Depending on the timing of the licensing it can take anywhere from sox weeks to six months to happen, but I’ve been told it’s definitely something that’s coming back (we have a surprise for you when it does!).

2. The specials and events are almost impossible to beat.
Mondays: All day happy hour and game night. You can play a game like Cards Against Humanity or even bring in your own video game system and they’ll hook it up to a TV for you.

Tuesdays: Tacos & Tequila. $2 Tacos, $4 margaritas, and trivia at 7pm.

Wednesdays: Wings and Water for ridiculous deals on chicken wings and light beer.

Thursdays: Karaoke night. Whether you can barely sing or do this on a regular basis, karaoke night is always a good time.

Fridays/Saturdays: There’s almost always a band or DJ for everyone to enjoy.

Sundays: Jon would like to start a Battle of the Bands for local bands with the winner getting their own show at Growlers on a Friday or Saturday night.


A look down at the bar area of the new and improved Greene Growlers

3. Let’s talk food. Jon has worked in the restaurant business for years and has brought some of his favorite recipes with him. He’s revamped the menu and I had the opportunity to try a few of the dishes.

My favorite dish, the Growlers Grinder

The Growlers Grinder is a smoked and shaved prime rib with chipotle mayo, beer cheese sauce (we’ll revisit this later), fire roasted peppers, and caramelized onions.

The Cowboy Burger

This bad boy is The Cowboy Burger. Pub beer bun, beer battered onion ring, pulled pork (smoked at Growlers), cheddar cheese, and coke slaw.

Chimmichurri flat iron steak

The chimichurri flat iron steak served with steamed broccoli and fried rice. It’s just $15.95, it’s a healthy portion, and it’s good.

Grilled salmon, bed of fried rice, skewered veggies.

I’m not a big fish guy, but this salmon with a pineapple glaze that’s made at Growlers was really good. The rice is awesome and the skewered veggies make for a complete meal. You’ll like this.

Earthrocker ribeye

Jon refers to the Earthrocker ribeye as his baby. The beef comes from a butcher in Fells Point, it’s marinated in a porter beer, and it’s rubbed down with an espresso and chili powder rub. Served with a side of asparagus.

Brauhaus pretzel with beer cheese dip

This is a fun appetizer. A gigantic pretzel that you get to dip into their awesome beer cheese dip. The dip is made from four cheeses, the house beer, tomatoes and jalapeño. I dipped everything into the beer cheese dip.

​4. BRUNCH!!!

​I haven’t had a chance to try it yet because they rolled it out last week, but it’s affordable and runs both Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm.

5. Beer.

They’ll be brewing their own beer again very soon, but they still have plenty of choices for you to enjoy!

If you haven’t been to Growlers in 2018, I recommend you check it out. Jon has made some great changes and he’ll do what it takes for you to have a great experience.

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