The Unluckiest Location In MoCo?

by MCS Staff
When Lincoln’s BBQ closed on Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring, many responded with comments about the location being “cursed” due to three businesses closing in recent years in that same spot.

​I don’t think “cursed” is the right word for it, but there are definitely locations in the county that have not had the best of luck with long-lasting businesses.

With that said, I’d like to discuss the one location that I feel may be the unluckiest of them all. 654 Centerpoint Way in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg. This location has been home to The Last Mango, Zodiac Grill, Tony and James, 44 Sports Bar and Grill, and most recently Largent’s Restaurant and Bar.

Nothing has worked in the two story space and now there are talks of splitting it into two different spaces with Cinepolis Luxury Theaters coming in across the street. Is that the answer? Is there anything that you think would work in this space? Has it simply been one of the biggest strings of bad luck for one location in the county? Is there another location you feel has had similar bad luck?


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