Thursday Morning Update On Potential Snow Friday Into Saturday

by MCS Staff

Back to reality when it comes to winter weather for our area with the last threat never changing over from rain and this one flip flopping until ultimately moving towards a less-snowy solution. Below you’ll see the latest maps from the National Weather Service (from about 4:30am) with most of MoCo in the 1-2 inch range and Bethesda to Burtonsville in the 2-3 inch range.

The “reasonable worst case scenario” map has also dropped to about 2.5-5 inches for the area, which is about half of what it was yesterday. The “low end amount” remains at no snow for our area, so the overall range has dropped to 0-5 inches.

Most models are showing a snow output of a  dusting to an inch and a half for MoCo at the moment. The snow could start as early as Friday afternoon and continue into early Saturday, but it’s not looking like too much for us at the moment.

I’ll provide a sports analogy since it seems to be helpful in understanding how it works. It was a back and forth matchup for the first 3 quarters and now we’re entering the 4th and it seems like one of the teams is pulling away. The previous updates of the score were accurate for the time, but scores change and nothing is guaranteed.

We’ll continue to monitor this one for any last minute shifts that could add a couple inches or take away the potential for an inch or two.


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