Top Golf Germantown Breaks Ground!

by MCS Staff

Rendering courtesy of the Montgomery Planning Board

Ever since it was announced back in 2016, Top Golf Germantown has probably been the topic I’ve been asked about the most.

It was expected that Top Golf would be ready by fall of this year, but anyone who has driven by the Century Blvd./ I-270 location has probably seen that it’s still just a big field.

A couple months back, I spoke with a Top Golf representative who told me that “it has been pushed back at this time” in response to me asking if the plans have changed. Without giving me any further details it looks like 2019 will be the year Top Golf comes to MoCo (I was assured they’re still coming).

Today, I was informed that Top Golf has broken ground in Germantown!

For more information regarding the Top Golf plans, as well as plans for a “Town Center Core District with a mix of residential, retail, office, and cultural uses in a compact and walkable form”, check out these preliminary plans from the Montgomery County Planning Department:

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