Town of Poolesville Issues Voluntary Water Conservation Notice

by MCS Staff

Per the Town of Poolesville: As summer approaches and dry conditions persist, many homeowners turn to watering lawns. Water department staff have reported significant lawn watering and increased usage, which can place a strain on Poolesville’s well system. Currently, we have two wells out of service testing for PFAS removal and are working on adding filtration units. Typical water usage is around 550,000 gallons per day, which our system can easily handle. Recently, water usage has increased to about 700,000 gallons per day.

Poolesville water system customers should “limit non-essential” water usage. The Town is anticipating increased water demand as a result of increased temperatures and forecasted dry conditions. We ask that residents minimize outdoor watering throughout the summer months and until the two out of service wells can be reinstated. Water Conservation Tips.


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