Traffic Stop in Germantown Leads to Multiple Arrests

by Patrick Herron

Per MCPD: Officers from the Montgomery County Department of Police – 5th District – Community Action Team have arrested 28-year-old Humberto Guerra Jr., of Silver Spring, who had two outstanding criminal warrants that stemmed from a traffic stop that occurred on Friday, February 17, 2023. During that stop, an AR-15 was recovered and later determined to be stolen in a burglary from Alexandria, VA.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, officers observed 29-year-old Maria Argueta of Silver Spring, who they knew had an outstanding warrant for burglary from March 4, 2022, and her brother Guerra Jr. both get into a Grey Honda CR-V at a 7-11 in Germantown along with three other individuals.

Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and upon initial contact both Argueta and Guerra Jr.  provided officers with false identities in an effort to avoid prosecution. After getting out of the car, officers observed a semi-automatic pistol in plain view on the rear passenger seat. Officers determined that the serial number of the pistol was destroyed. Guerra Jr. and Argueta were both arrested.

24-year-old Khyarah Hazel Taylor, of Gaithersburg, was also sitting in the back seat of the vehicle next to Guerra Jr. and Argueta with the firearm. She was subsequently arrested and transported to the Central Processing Unit where she was charged with firearm related charges and possession of controlled dangerous substances.

29-year-old Myles Bennette, of Baltimore, was also arrested from the vehicle after officers confirmed he had an active warrant and was transported to the Central Processing Unit.

Both Guerra and Argueta were charged with providing false statements, possession of controlled dangerous substances, and firearm related charges. They are also being held at the Central Processing Unit.


Humberto Guerra Jr.Humberto Guerra Jr. (Original Image)



Maria ArguetaMaria Argueta (Original Image)



Khyarah TaylorKhyarah Taylor (Original Image)




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Sith Gonzalez May 24, 2023 - 5:19 pm

They don’t need jail they need rehab.


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