Transfer Station Stops Accepting Roofing Materials


The Montgomery County Transfer Station, at 16101 Frederick Road in Derwood, has stopped accepting roofing materials.

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection posted a listing of alternative disposal sites, including Clarksburg-based C & D Recovery LLC. Other sites are located in Prince George’s County, DC, and Northern Virginia.

The Transfer Station accepts drop offs from Montgomery County residents and contractors. Acceptable items include: metal appliances and other scrap metal items; building materials in usable condition; clothing and shoes; electronics; fluorescent, LCD and LED bulbs and tubes; hazardous waste from residents hazardous waste from businesses (fee-based); paper and cardboard; bulky rigid plastics; yard trim; rechargeable batteries; motor oil; antifreeze; propane tanks and compressed gas cylinders, and tires.

More information can be found on the Department of Environmental Protection’s website and social media.




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