Trippy Tacos in Glenmont Named “Absolute Best Nachos in Maryland” by Mashed

by MCS Staff

Mashed is a global, multi-platform food brand with an audience of 25 million monthly readers and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. They recently released a list of the “absolute best nachos in every state” and Glenmont’s very own Trippy Tacos earned the nod for Maryland.

Per the article, “Maryland’s Trippy Tacos crowns each platter of tasty nachos with Trippy Sauce, a complex yet mild sauce that perks up the layers of pico de gallo, tender meat, and satiny crema. With several varieties of meat-based nachos like steak, el pastor, and chicken, Trippy Tacos has the carnivores covered. They’ll also keep vegetarians happy with stacked veggie nachos. Yelp reviews laud the fresh combos, creativity, and convenience, all topped with a hearty dose of Trippy Sauce.

Trippy Tacos operated as a food truck before opening its first restaurant at 12134 Georgia Avenue in Glenmont in July. They specializes in tacos with freshly made corn tortillas, quesadillas, burritos, nachos and mulitas. The restaurant also plans to offers an expanded menu that includes breakfast (breakfast tacos, burritos and other breakfast plates), loaded nacho fries, pupusa pizza, and more.



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