Tuesday Morning Update on Potential Winter Storm Friday Into Saturday

by MCS Staff

We remain in the “slight winter storm” threat category for potential winter weather this Friday into Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s update, this thing can go either way…and it already has. The GFS showed a major storm, took it away, brought it back, took it away (late yesterday), and has kind of brought it back again this morning with the model output showing a general 2-4″ for our area. The Euro didn’t show much, then started bringing the storm our way, took it away, and brought it back overnight for a model output of a general 4-6″ for our area.

The reason for the change is the general path of the low, shown in the graphic below by Fox 5’s Mike Thomas (the big L).

The “coastal track” is what snow lovers should be rooting for, because that would bring the most snow our way. Right now it’s a little further east than the grey arrow above, but not quite as far as the “sea track” that would cause the storm to completely miss us. A slight move to the west and we’re in business for moderate snow. A slight move to the east and we lose the few inches the models are currently showing we could get.

The European model runs again this afternoon and the GFS will run again this evening and late tonight. We’ll continue to monitor.


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