Tuesday Night Update on Wednesday-Friday Storm

Tuesday Night Update on Wednesday-Friday Storm

This will be another two-part storm. Part one will likely start on Wednesday night and continue into Thursday afternoon before we see a lull until Thursday night into midday Friday.

The National Weather Service is holding on to 6-8” for MoCo in the map they released this afternoon for their totals from both parts of the storm. They’ve dropped the highest end amount (10% chance) to about 9” while the low end amount (10% chance) is at about 2.”

Local news outlets aren’t as willing to go that high with their forecasts as most remain in the 3-6” range.

Fox 5 has all of MoCo in the 3-6” range.

NBC4’s Amelia Draper tweeted “For these 2 rounds I’m thinking ~1 to 3″ of snow is possible each time … maybe more in some spots depending on how the systems track, so stay tuned for that.”

ABC 7 hasn’t released a map, but put out the graphic below which shows they expect 3-6” to fall.

This is yet another storm that isn’t easy to call. The cold air looks like it’ll be there, but now we may be lacking moisture.

We’ll have an update for you in the morning. As of now, I would guess that the next map from the National Weather Service will show 4-6” but you never know.

Stay tuned!

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