Turbulence Ruled Out as Flight Issues Cause Jolts That Killed Montgomery County Woman on Flight

by MCS Staff

Turbulence has been ruled out as the cause of Montgomery County woman’s death earlier this month after pilots told investigators they did not encounter turbulence on the flight, providing an update to the early statements from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) from a preliminary assessment the day after the crash. According to FOX5, “investigators said Friday that a passenger on a business jet was fatally injured in early March when the aircraft violently bucked up and down after pilots disconnected a system used to stabilize the plane.”

The flight took off from New Hampshire and was destined for Leesburg, VA before making an emergency landing in Connecticut. Dana Hyde, of Cabin John, was transported via ambulance to Saint Francis Medical Center, in Hartford, Connecticut after suffering blunt-force injuries. Hyde worked in the Clinton and Obama White Houses and was counsel on the 9/11 Commission, which investigated the September 11th terrorist attacks.

According to the recent NTSB report, the pilots were met with multiple advisory messages before and after takeoff on the afternoon of March 3. They followed a procedural checklist and turned off the plane’s stabilizer trim switch, “which caused the plane to turn nose-up at several times the force of gravity, then pointed lower before again turning upward before pilots could regain control”, according to the FOX5 report. The NTSB report can be seen below.


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