Two Gaithersburg Parks To Be Closed for Renovation


Two Gaithersburg Parks To Be Closed for Renovation

Travis Park and Diamond Farms Park of Gaithersburg will close on September 8 and September 14, respectively, as the city plans to replace playground equipment.

While they are closed, the city will remove the old equipment and wood carpet, and to prep for the new equipment, new plastic border timbers, drainage, landscape fabric, gravel base and safety surfacing will be installed.

The city government’s website provides drawings of the new equipment sets for each park, which can be found here.

In the Travis Park drawing, there are two sets. The larger contains three slides, two bridges and a miniature rock climbing wall, among two other climbing pieces. The smaller has two slides and two climbing pieces. There are also six swings near the smaller set.

The Diamond Farm Park drawing shows a set with three slides, a bridge and multiple different climbing pieces. It also shows two swings and a playcube.

Travis Park will open back up in mid-October with new playground equipment, which is intended for ages 2-12 while Diamond Farms Park will reopen later in the month with new equipment designed for ages 2-5.

Featured photo courtesy of  the website.

By Adam Levine


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